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We are your source for Japanese 4×4 mini truck parts. With a back ground in the Automotive industry for three decades we know vehicles from from to back. We strive to give our customers the best level of service that one can expect. The Company owner has experience as a mechanic and parts counter sales experience second to none. We have sold hundreds of mini trucks and worked on all brands. We know the correct questions to ask and can determine what model that you have in order to sell you the correct part for your mini truck.

We know the importance of written information and specifications about the mechanical parts on a Japanese mini truck. Our Company has secured a source for English service manuals that you can purchase for reference information on your mini truck. Our shop sells engine rebuilding kits, and we can build a custom kit with all the necessary parts that you require to suite your needs. Our engines rebuild kits include the basic components that wear out and need replacing. We know that when it comes to finding replacement parts for your mini truck it is important to deal with reputable company. We will do our best to ensure you that you will receive the best service and the parts that you require to maintain your mini truck. Our goal is to creating a trustworthy relationship with our customers. Contact us for more details about our products and services. You can be assured you will not be disappointed.

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