Kia Metro Towner Parts

Kia Metro Towner Parts
If you are looking for Kia Metro Towner parts, we may have just what you need. The Kia Towner is a Daihatsu mini truck with the Kia brand name on it. Kia used a larger engine than the Daihatsu Hijet built for use in Japan. The engine still has a rubber timing belt that will get hard and crack over time. When replacing the water pump it is good practice to replace the timing belt and tensioner at the same time. The engine in an interference type and you will want to avoid a broken belt leads to belt valves.

The Kia Metro Towner has front disc brakes with pads and rear drum brakes with shoes. The factory U joint is not fitted with a grease nipple. We stoke replacement U joints that do have a grease fitting replacing the u joints with grease able joints gives the assurance that the drive shaft will not fall out when you least expect it. The front coil over strut cartridge in this truck has a bushing inside it that wears oval and the internal fluid leaks out causing the truck to bounce or bottom out when traveling over bumps. We sell a replacement strut cartridge that will provide a smooth ride. It is available on our online store.

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