Parts for your Suzuki Carry Mini Truck

Are you looking for parts for your Suzuki Carry Mini Truck? You haveĀ  come to the rite place, at Mini Truck Parts USA we can help you find all the Parts for Suzuki Carry pick up truck. If you need a new timing belt it is a good choice to replace the water pump and the timing belt tensioner at the same time. The small engine of only 660cc in the Suzuki Carry has 12 valves and the RPM is much higher than any other gasoline engine. If the timing bet breaks the possibility of bending engine valves is quite high. We have you covered. We have on the shelf a complete engine gasket set and the intake and exhaust valves for the Suzuki Carry engine from the Early 550cc F5A to the later F6A and even the New K6A engine.

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