Suzuki Carry Parts

Suzuki Carry Parts
  Suzuki Carry is very popular in the mini truck world. It could be because the Suzuki Carry is sold in many other countries and can be seen under the brand Bedford Rascal. We have many new and used Suzuki Carry Parts on our shelves and in our salvage yard. The 3 cylinder water cooled 550cc engine was called the F5A and can be found in the DA71 and DB71 Models. The next engine was a 12 valve over head cam 660cc water cooled engine called the F6A. The F6A was introduced into the Suzuki Carry Mini truck and Van also know as the Every in 1990 with a fan blade fixed to the water pump. This did not go well to the design of the water pump was changed and the radiator was moved forward so the engine would cool better and an electric cooling fan was used at the radiator. In 2000 Suzuki introduced the K6A 660cc engine, the main difference was this engine was chain driven instead of rubber timing belt drive. The K6A also uses pucks and shims between the engine valves and the cam shaft. This style of cam and valve train assembly makes it very difficult to adjust the valve lash clearance. There certainly are many more of the Suzuki Carry mini trucks around than the other brands and this could be why there are more parts available for this type of truck.

Many customers are concerned about fuel economy and Suzuki Carry parts like tune up parts will give the most help to reach fuel economy. The air filter is most likely the most important this to change on a regular basis as well as continual oil changes. The distributor cap and rotor should be changed after a period of time a white powder will build up on the aluminum contact under the cap. This build up does not allow the electrical current to travel with the energy it needs to produce a strong spark and can lead to the engine missing or fuel not being burnt completely in the internal combustion chamber. We have hundreds of parts for the Suzuki Carry and the Every. Our on line store is open 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you are unsure about a part fitting your model or you have a question please feel free to give us a call.

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